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Music Video
Product \ Services Highlights
Narrative / DocuStyle

Milcarb: All Products Sizzle Reel

Milcarb: N2U Product Line Sizzle Reel

Cyl-Tec: CylConnect Instructional Installation Video

Cyl-Tec: CylConnect Animation

Weldstar: Shop Welding Supplies Logo Animation

Weldstar: Brand / Legacy Video

McDantim: Brand / Legacy Video

McDantim: Instructional Video (Pressure Test Troubleshooting)

Exelon Nuclear: Informational Promo (FLS Summit Event)

Cyl-Tec: Instructional Video (Onboarding)

Dominican Literacy Center: Brand \ Legacy Video

Family Counseling Service: Narrative Commercial (1-2-1 Mentoring)

Cyl-Tec: Product Promo (Introducing CylConnect)

Joan Markwell: Testimonial Video (Softening the Grief Book)

IBDEA: Brand \ Legacy Video

Cyl-Tec: Event Montage (Craft Brewery Tradeshow)

Cyl-Tec \ Banner Beer \ Milcarb: Product Highlight Video (Brewery)

Half Acre: Sizzle Reel

Cyl-Tec: IBDEA Tradeshow Loop (2017)

Alter Brewing: Sizzle Reel

Resurrection Lutheran: Church Choir Promo (Church & Worship Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran: Bible Study Promo (Church & Worship Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran: Master Video Promo (Church & Worship)

Resurrection Lutheran: Energy of Teachers Promo (ECC Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran: Facilities Promo (ECC Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran: Faith Promo (ECC Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran: High Scope Promo (ECC Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran: Events & Community Promo (Church & Worship Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran: Master Promo (K-8)

Resurrection Lutheran: Preparation of the Students Promo (ECC Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran: Extracurriculars Promo (K-8)

Derby City Academy: Location Animation

Resurrection Lutheran: Alumni Testimonial Promo (K-8 Vignette)

Resurrection Lutheran Church: Brand \ Legacy Video (Early Childhood Center)

Family Counseling Service: Behavioral Healthcare Service Promo

Immaculate Conception School: Brand / Legacy Video

‘Whiskey’: Music Video (Scarlett Hill)

‘Fylin’ South’: Music Video (Scarlett Hill)

Broadcast Spot: Puzzle’s Academy

Broadcast Spot: Puzzle’s Fun Dome “From Thrill to Chill”

Elite Graphics: Brand / Legacy Video