Video Project of the Month – Weldstar Brand / Legacy Video

This month’s featured project showcases the intensity and precision of the welding craft, as well as a historic company who distributes the supplies to make it happen.

Weldstar is a leading distributor of welding equipment, welding supplies, industrial and specialty gases, and safety supplies based in the Midwest. The company has been around since 1936 and has an impressive legacy along with many stories to tell.

Digital Alliance was happy to take on the task of showcasing the company, value, people and overall culture to appropriately represent Weldstar. In addition, the team had some fun capturing sparks and flares from Welding!

Join Our Team Fundraising for the Humanitarian Crisis in Aleppo

To Our Family (& Our Friends in the Filmmaking Community), While the production team gathered together for our Christmas / Thanksgiving celebration it occured to us, as it often does around this time of year, that there are others elsewhere who are hurting and not as fortunate. It seems especially cruel to see children in Syria terrified and shocked with the …