COVID-19 Production Standards 

The owners of Digital Alliance Productions are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and have implemented some changes in production protocol because of this. While we are looking forward to getting back to work, here are some new changes you can expect when working with us. 

Digital Alliance crew will follow CDC guidance while on-site: 

  • No physical contact with others 
  • Maintain 6 feet in distance at all possible times 
  • Masks will be required indoors and outdoors when around others 
  • Anyone experiencing any symptoms of sickness should not come to work 

Digital Alliance crew will adhere to the following new production standards: 

  • The total number of individuals on a set should not exceed 10, until CDC recommendations change.
  • Hand sanitizer, masks and disinfectant (wipes or spray) will be part of the standard equipment kit 
  • Production days will be limited to 10 hours total, including the setup and tear down of equipment
      • Digital Alliance will take as much time as necessary to properly sanitize equipment during the setup and tear down phase.
  • Equipment will be assigned to specific crew members 
      • This assures only one person is responsible for and touching each piece of gear 
  • There should be no huddling around cameras or monitors.  
      • If the client requires a monitor for viewing, two monitors should be provided – one for the client and one for crew 
  • Talent must place a lavaliere microphone on themselves if applicable 
      • DA representative may not touch or assist an individual  
      • Mics must be sanitized and pop filters changed after each use
  • Meals on-site must be picked up or delivered from local restaurants
      • No meals brought from home will be allowed


Expectations for our clients:

Digital Alliance expects the client and its representatives to follow the same CDC guidance and new production standards in order to keep our crew safe while we perform work. 

Digital Alliance reserves the right to refuse to work on a set if the client is negligent with these procedures. 



Please reach out to Andrew McArthur, Project Manager at 312-544-0411 x703 or by email at if you have any further questions 



The information above is current for the month of May, 2020.