Video Project of the Month – Vaughan Center Sizzle Reel

This month’s featured project will leave you feeling motivated! Digital Alliance was asked to shoot a “sizzle reel” for the Vaughn Athletic Center.

This facility is part of the Fox Valley Park District and features 225,000 square feet of athletic, fitness and aquatic fun. Digital Alliance captured footage of all the main facilities to provide a sort of “video tour” to showcase the amazing facilities.

Thinking of getting in shape for your New Year’s resolution? The Vaughn Center might be for you!

Video Project of the Month – Wicked Lix Educational Commercial

This month’s featured project will leave you feeling hungry for a night out! Digital Alliance was asked to make an educational commercial for a new product called Wicked Lix.

Wicked Lix are re assorted, scrumptious, fruit bites that are infused with a variety of flavored spirits to heighten adult social experiences. Wicked Lix Fruit Shooterz® are not soaked “jungle fruit” but have that perfect balance of liquor and fruit in just one tasty bite.

In the video, Mike is confronted by an Angel and Devil who offer to help him make a decision on which flavors of Wicked Lix to buy at the grocery store.

Video Project of the Month – Softening the Grief Testimonial

Digital Alliance was honored to shoot a testimonial for close friend Joan Markwell as she talked about her new book, Softening the Grief: What to Say and Do to Comfort a Bereaved Mother.

This was a very emotional shoot, as Joan and one of her contributing writers, Janie Fields, talked about the death of their children, how it affected them and how they have persevered. Joan hopes that her book can help other mothers that have lost children.

Video Project of the Month – Milcarb Product Sizzle Reel

This month’s featured project is a showcase of innovative nitrogen generators, gas blenders and dispensing products from a leader in the beverage gas industry, Milcarb.

Digital Alliance got to see first hand the power and precision of these products, as beer, cold-brew coffee, juice and craft cocktails were all produced with Milcarb’s products on-site.

Video Project of the Month – CylConnect® Installation Video

This month’s featured project is a highly-technical, effective piece explaining the installation process for a telemetry unit called CylConnect®.

CylConnect® is the premier remote monitoring solution for bulk gas vessels that monitors product levels in the tank and sends data and alerts to online portals so that there is no question how much product is in your tank at all times.

Cyl-Tec trusted Digital Alliance to craft this video based on its knowledge of the compressed gas industry. Instructional videos can be challenging because every aspect has to be clear to visualize and understand at the same time.

Video Project of the Month – McDantim Brand / Legacy Video

This month’s featured product is a very informative and fascinating look at a world leader in the gas industry, nestled in the mountains of Helena, Montana.

McDantim, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of gas blenders throughout the entire gas industry. It is their legacy and their people that define them, and Digital Alliance was thrilled to have the opportunity to capture this story.

Video Project of the Month – Exelon FLS Summit

Digital Alliance was thrilled to have a crew head out to Oak Brook, IL this month to film the First Line Supervisor (FLS) Summit for Exelon Corporation.

This inaugural event brought FLS team leaders from all over the country to a central location to learn, network and grow over a few day conference.

Digital Alliance recorded individual sessions, interviews with speakers and participants, and also created a recap video of the conference so that Exelon could share it with their internal team all around the country.

Video Project of the Month – Weldstar Brand / Legacy Video

This month’s featured project showcases the intensity and precision of the welding craft, as well as a historic company who distributes the supplies to make it happen.

Weldstar is a leading distributor of welding equipment, welding supplies, industrial and specialty gases, and safety supplies based in the Midwest. The company has been around since 1936 and has an impressive legacy along with many stories to tell.

Digital Alliance was happy to take on the task of showcasing the company, value, people and overall culture to appropriately represent Weldstar. In addition, the team had some fun capturing sparks and flares from Welding!