Video of the Month – Fine Line Creative Arts Center

Digital Alliance had the privilege of producing a Micro-Documentary for the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, IL. Micro-Docs are generally 5-10 minutes in length and aim to provide an authentic, story-driven look into a particular topic of interest. In this case, we are exploring how the act of creating in a positive environment can often transcend just the physical results left behind.

Video of the Month – SciTech Hands On Museum

Digital Alliance had the privilege of producing a Brand Overview Video for the SciTech Hands On Museum in Aurora, IL. These videos are generally 1-3 minutes in length, and they are one of the best ways to let your customers know who you are, what you do, and why you do what you do.

Video of the Month – The Driskill Foundation

Digital Alliance partnered with The Driskill Foundation. to produce a narrative-driven video centered around the ultimate theme of their non-profit organization: Curiosity. The video is an example of custom Branded Entertainment – A storytelling technique that allows you to connect with your audience in a unique and engaging way.

Video of the Month – Shorr Packaging Corp.

Digital Alliance was hired by Shorr Packaging Corp. to produce a video centered around their inviting company culture. Shorr has been serving its customers for over 90 years, and today it is one of the largest independent packaging distribution firms in the nation. The video has been successful as both an employee recruiting & overall marketing piece.

Video of the Month – Klein Realty Broadcast Commercial

This month’s featured project will leave you ready to pack up your belongings and find your new dream house! Just be sure to contact Eric Klein to help you find it. This 30-second broadcast spot features a couple who is a bit unsure about finding their next home. Luckily, Eric Klein of Klein Realty, a Keller Williams Inspire affiliate is on the job!

Video of the Month – Salsa Verde Commercial

This month’s featured project will leave you drooling! We were asked to shoot content to turn into a video menu board for the authentic Mexican Restaurant, Salsa Verde. Based out of Oswego, IL, this chain has five stores and is expanding rapidly. Digital Alliance was able to capture beautiful footage of five different Mexican dishes for use on the menu boards in the store.

Video of the Month – Vaughan Center Sizzle Reel

This month’s featured project will leave you feeling motivated! Digital Alliance was asked to shoot a “sizzle reel” for the Vaughn Athletic Center. This facility is part of the Fox Valley Park District and features 225,000 square feet of athletic, fitness and aquatic fun. Digital Alliance captured footage of all the main facilities to provide a sort of “video tour” to showcase the amazing facilities.

Video of the Month – Wicked Lix Educational Commercial

This month’s featured project will leave you feeling hungry for a night out! Digital Alliance was asked to make an educational commercial for a new product called Wicked Lix. Wicked Lix are re assorted, scrumptious, fruit bites that are infused with a variety of flavored spirits to heighten adult social experiences. Wicked Lix Fruit Shooterz® are not soaked “jungle fruit” but have that perfect balance of liquor and fruit in just one tasty bite.

Video of the Month – Softening the Grief Testimonial

Digital Alliance was honored to shoot a testimonial for close friend Joan Markwell as she talked about her new book, Softening the Grief: What to Say and Do to Comfort a Bereaved Mother. This was a very emotional shoot, as Joan and one of her contributing writers, Janie Fields, talked about the death of their children, how it affected them and how they have persevered. Joan hopes that her book can help other mothers that have lost children.

Video of the Month – Milcarb Product Sizzle Reel

This month’s featured project is a showcase of innovative nitrogen generators, gas blenders and dispensing products from a leader in the beverage gas industry, Milcarb. Digital Alliance got to see first hand the power and precision of these products, as beer, cold-brew coffee, juice and craft cocktails were all produced with Milcarb’s products on-site.