Video of the Month: Loyola University

Digital Alliance was recently tasked with producing a commercial to promote Loyola’s new Parkinson School of Health Sciences & Public Health. The landscape of health care is changing, and Loyola and its students are changing with it to improve population health and minimize inequities.

Video of the Month – Resilient Bourbon

Digital Alliance was recently tasked with producing a 30-Second Commercial for Resilient, a straight-bourbon, single-barrel whiskey that wears its heart on its label. An up-and-coming spirit, the craftsmen at Resilient tasked us with producing a commercial that stood out from the pack. The Resilient brand harkens back to a simpler time…a time when truth and transparency were more easy to decipher amidst the noise.

Given the old-fashioned nature of the brand, we had some fun and decided to go period-specific with the setting. Resilient Bourbon is unique in that they are completely transparent in the distilling process, with all of the relevant information hand-written on labels for each and every bottle. 1776 and the writing of the Declaration of Independence allowed for great visual symbology for the “hand-crafted” tone we were going for. We thought about the aging process of bourbon in those barrels. How human hands put these processes in motion, and we are left to wait years as the liquid inside perfects sitting idly. That is until one day, we remember to bring it back out and enjoy!

Video of the Month – The Sportsletter

Digital Alliance was recently tasked with producing a 30-Second Commercial for The Sportsletter, a curated daily sports email newsletter designed for the busy sports fan. It’s a great way for anyone to stay informed without having to follow hundreds of accounts or digging through websites. The team at The Sportsletter was looking for a piece that brought awareness to their new brand in a swift and entertaining fashion.

Video is hard to beat when it comes to giving a good first impression of a brand. If you want people to know what your brand is all about, show them. Commercials are particularly excellent when you need to turn some heads. 30 seconds or less may not seem like a lot of time to work with, but then again, they aren’t meant to overload with information. A successful commercial is essentially a teaser, leaving your viewer curious and eager to learn more (i.e. contact you, visit your website, etc.).

We live in a world where commercials are no longer restricted to the confines of broadcast television spots. Commercials are also great for web advertising (Google, social media, email blasting, and the list goes on…). Today, people are used to getting information, products, and services faster than ever before. A quick, engaging commercial spot is a great way to cut through the noise and reach your audience with content that actually speaks to them.

Video of the Month – Moonscape Cinematic Montage

Digital Alliance was tasked with producing a Cinematic Montage video for Moonscape Landscape Illumination Inc. Montage videos are excellent for showcasing a product or service that relies heavily on its own visual aesthetic. The team at Moonscape pride themselves on their artistic profession of designing stunning outdoor lighting.

Every new video project comes with its own unique challenge, and that’s part of the fun. In this particular case, we were tasked with the challenge of showcasing a product that is used outdoors at night. This wouldn’t always be a challenge as we are often able to bring our own professional lighting to the set. However, Moonscape’s product WAS lighting, and rightfully so, they did not want the natural integrity of their product to be compromised by additional lighting sources. It was important to capture the lighting as would be seen in person, while still providing the cinematic touch of video.

Time-Lapse Photography with a motorized slider become the technique of choice, as it allowed for movement with the Longer Exposure shooting that photography can provide in low light scenarios. We also staged a few traditionally lit scenes with a family enjoying the product at night. This helped to provide a human touch to connect and relate with the viewer an an emotional level.

Video of the Month – Fine Line Creative Arts Center

October 2018 Project of the Month Fine Line Creative Arts Center: Micro-Documentary Digital Alliance had the privilege of producing a Micro-Documentary for the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, IL. Micro-Docs are generally 5-10 minutes in length and aim to provide an authentic, story-driven look into a particular topic of interest. In this case, we are exploring how …

Video Project of the Month – SciTech Hands On Museum

September 2018 Project of the Month SciTech Hands On Museum: Brand Overview Video When we first started discussions with SciTech, they expressed a concern that many businesses / non-profit organizations face: A lack of awareness.  Explaining SciTech verbally just doesn’t do it justice. There is just so much vibrant activity taking place within, that it begs to be seen. Video is …

Video Project of the Month – The Driskill Foundation

August 2018 Project of the Month The Driskill Foundation: The Power of Curiosity Digital Alliance partnered with The Driskill Foundation. to produce a narrative-driven video centered around the ultimate theme of their non-profit organization: Curiosity. The video is an example of custom Branded Entertainment – A storytelling technique that allows you to connect with your audience in a unique and engaging way. Let’s …

Video Project of the Month – Shorr Packaging Corp.

July 2018 Project of the Month SHORR PACKAGING CORP: A Culture to Celebrate Digital Alliance was hired by Shorr Packaging Corp. to produce a video centered around their inviting company culture. Shorr has been serving its customers for over 90 years, and today it is one of the largest independent packaging distribution firms in the nation. The video has been successful …

Video Project of the Month – Klein Realty Broadcast Commercial

This month’s featured project will leave you ready to pack up your belongings and find your new dream house! Just be sure to contact Eric Klein to help you find it.

This 30-second broadcast spot features a couple who is a bit unsure about finding their next home. Luckily, Eric Klein of Klein Realty, a Keller Williams Inspire affiliate is on the job!

Digital Alliance had a blast shooting this fun, quirky and attention-getting spot. Be sure to check out the video below!

Video Project of the Month – Salsa Verde Commercial

SALSA VERDE: Video Menu Boards – This month’s featured project will leave you drooling! We were asked to shoot content to turn into a video menu board for the authentic Mexican Restaurant, Salsa Verde. Based out of Oswego, IL, this chain has five stores and is expanding rapidly. Digital Alliance was able to capture beautiful footage of five different Mexican …