Video of the Month: The Brooks Institute

October 2019 Video  of the Month: The Brooks Institute Micro-documentary

The Brooks Institute is an organization dedicated to creating a paradigm shift or renaissance in animal rights law & policy. In May of 2019, our crews flew out to Mendocino, CA to capture footage at the inaugural Animal Legal & Policy Studies Summit. The result was a fascinating Think-Tank, with animal scholars and truth-seekers from across the globe coming together for the first time to discuss these important issues.

There are a couple of ways that you can approach your next video project. In some instances, it's appropriate to construct and script out a staged narrative, pushing toward a specific vision, result, and call-to-action. In other instances (and in the case of The Brooks Institute) it might make more sense to be a documentarian, allowing the stories to unfold organically. 

While there is a certain level of unpredictability, one of the benefits of the "documentary" approach is the acquisition of MORE content. Whether that be on-site interview soundbites or B-Roll footage, this approach often results in acquired content that may be multi-purpose or can be used to create additional video content. In the case of The Brooks Institute, we were able to edit seventeen (17) additional video edits (each focused on a different scholar who participated at the Summit). If interested in hearing some of these different perspectives on animal protection efforts, feel free to check out the scholar profile videos in the link below:

WATCH: Scholar Profile Videos