Video of the Month: FCS – Hope Starts Here

April 2019 Project of the Month FCS – Hope Starts Here

Even the strongest people need help sometimes. Digital Alliance recently developed and produced a 60-second branded video for Family Counseling Service, a behavioral health care center based in Aurora, IL. Every year, FCS presents a video at their annual gala to communicate a specific message relating to emotional wellbeing. The message this year was “Hope Starts Here”.

At Digital Alliance we produce many types of videos for our customers. Branded video content is a great way to spread a specific mission or message while keeping your organization in the background. Branded video should be authentic, entertaining, short (usually under 60 seconds), and target your primary audience.

We are all familiar with the traditional commercial advertisement, where the product or service is front, center, and in your face. Unlike traditional ads, branded videos don’t “sell” anything. In fact, most of the content doesn’t mention the brand at all. While that might seem counter-intuitive, branded video content is great for humanizing your organization, connecting your audience emotionally to the brand and cause.

In order to make that emotional connection, it’s important for branded video to tell a story. With this particular piece, we really wanted the viewer to feel like they were watching a short film, and that’s how we approached the writing and development. It was important that every frame have meaning and purpose, and translated directly from our storyboards to the screen.

While the traditional ad is still effective, today’s audiences are getting more immune to a “salesy” approach. Modern audiences are looking for content that speaks to them, entertains, and has an authentic voice. Branded video is an excellent way to build brand loyalty while spreading a message that impacts the viewer on an emotional level.