Video of the Month – Resilient Bourbon

January 2019 Project of the Month Resilient Bourbon: 30 Second Commercial

Digital Alliance was recently tasked with producing a 30-Second Commercial for Resilient, a straight-bourbon, single-barrel whiskey that wears its heart on its label. An up-and-coming spirit, the craftsmen at Resilient tasked us with producing a commercial that stood out from the pack. The Resilient brand harkens back to a simpler time…a time when truth and transparency were more easy to decipher amidst the noise. Given the old-fashioned nature of the brand, we had some fun and decided to go period-specific with the setting. Resilient Bourbon is unique in that they are completely transparent in the distilling process, with all of the relevant information hand-written on labels for each and every bottle. 1776 and the writing of the Declaration of Independence allowed for great visual symbology for the “hand-crafted” tone we were going for. We thought about the aging process of bourbon in those barrels. How human hands put these processes in motion, and we are left to wait years as the liquid inside perfects sitting idly. That is until one day, we remember to bring it back out and enjoy!