Video of the Month – The Sportsletter

December 2018 Project of the Month

The Sportsletter: 30-Second Commercial

Digital Alliance was recently tasked with producing a 30-Second Commercial for The Sportsletter, a curated daily sports email newsletter designed for the busy sports fan. It’s a great way for anyone to stay informed without having to follow hundreds of accounts or digging through websites. The team at The Sportsletter was looking for a piece that brought awareness to their new brand in a swift and entertaining fashion.

Video is hard to beat when it comes to giving a good first impression of a brand. If you want people to know what your brand is all about, show them. Commercials are particularly excellent when you need to turn some heads. 30 seconds or less may not seem like a lot of time to work with, but then again, they aren’t meant to overload with information. A successful commercial is essentially a teaser, leaving your viewer curious and eager to learn more (i.e. contact you, visit your website, etc.).

We live in a world where commercials are no longer restricted to the confines of broadcast television spots. Commercials are also great for web advertising (Google, social media, email blasting, and the list goes on…). Today, people are used to getting information, products, and services faster than ever before. A quick, engaging commercial spot is a great way to cut through the noise and reach your audience with content that actually speaks to them.