Video of the Month – Moonscape Cinematic Montage

November 2018 Project of the Month

Moonscape Landscape Illumination: Cinematic Montage Video

Digital Alliance was tasked with producing a Cinematic Montage video for Moonscape Landscape Illumination Inc. Montage videos are excellent for showcasing a product or service that relies heavily on its own visual aesthetic. The team at Moonscape pride themselves on their artistic profession of designing stunning outdoor lighting.

Every new video project comes with its own unique challenge, and that’s part of the fun. In this particular case, we were tasked with the challenge of showcasing a product that is used outdoors at night. This wouldn’t always be a challenge as we are often able to bring our own professional lighting to the set. However, Moonscape’s product WAS lighting, and rightfully so, they did not want the natural integrity of their product to be compromised by additional lighting sources. It was important to capture the lighting as would be seen in person, while still providing the cinematic touch of video.

Time-Lapse Photography with a motorized slider become the technique of choice, as it allowed for movement with the Longer Exposure shooting that photography can provide in low light scenarios.  We also staged a few traditionally lit scenes with a family enjoying the product at night. This helped to provide a human touch to connect and relate with the viewer an an emotional level.