Join Our Team Fundraising for the Humanitarian Crisis in Aleppo

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To Our Family (& Our Friends in the Filmmaking Community),

While the production team gathered together for our Christmas / Thanksgiving celebration it occured to us, as it often does around this time of year, that there are others elsewhere who are hurting and not as fortunate. It seems especially cruel to see children in Syria terrified and shocked with the events that are unfolding around them.

The staff at our company have combined digital forces to create this fundraising team. Karam stuck out to us as the Illinois organization we wanted to support seeing as they have a new effort to specifically help war-torn families in Aleppo. They have been actively posting updates and just recently brought heaters to several facilities to provide warmth for families who have been evacuated due to the new wave of bombings. The money raised here will go towards delivering emergency aid in the form of medical relief, food, and water to those in desperate need in Eastern and Western Aleppo.

We know that it is nearly Christmas- travel and traditions will be all-consuming soon enough, but if you could but consider joining us and taking advantage of this convenient portal we have set up for this cause, it would be more appreciated than any one of us will probably ever know.

Digital Alliance is donating monetarily to this campaign, but we also are a young, budding company that is limited with what we can do in that regard. We are uniquely able to assist the Karam Foundation in other ways using our Multimedia Production resources, and we are seeking to get in contact with them to do just that. We have met so many amazing people during our careers so far in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Deep down what we strive to do everyday as dramatic storytellers is create projects in which we put everyday characters in extreme situtations and see how they cope and relate with others. Sometimes, however, it’s refreshing to recognize the plight and stories of the people off the page and around us.

Merry Christmas to You and Your Families